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Full Version: Graphics Competition - [£50 VOUCHER]
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Little graphics competition here...

The winner will receive a 50 GBP Google Adwords voucher (Valid only for new Google Adwords customers).

Competition Guidelines:

You must make an advertisement for my Forum Talk GFX. (

The advertisement must match the forum theme.

Width: 468px
Height: 60px

It must include the text "Talk GFX" (please don't just use our forum banner).

It must have a background.

It must be clear that it is an advertisement.

Feel free to add any animations, but make sure they're not annoying.

All entries must be anonymous, (send them to me via PM).
Entries are restricted to one banner per person.


The winner will be decided on Wednesday next week.

Please leave a post if you're going to take part.

Any entries that do not follow the guidelines, will be dismissed.

The competition will only start if at least 5 members take part.

Thanks, and good luck!
Come on people, get involved. ;)

Big prize available.
Ok well seeing as nobody seems to want a £50 google adwords voucher, this thread can be closed.
advertisements arnt my thing or id deff do this
i think most of the gfx done here are signatures so more then likely thats the reason for lack of intrest
Man i can do one don't close thread.
Try promoting this thread elsewhere, and extend the deadline. It is a good competition.
Competition isn't being held anymore.

Instead I'm holding an auction for the voucher on

Competition closed, then.