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Full Version: Car you have now?
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I don't have a car at the moment, but I'm saving up for a nice bentley.
I have a Jeep Cherokee sport. I love it.
I have a clio sports extreme. Big Grin
I'm 14 turning 15 this year so I'm like a year and bit of being able to get a car, I either want to get a skyline model between 1996-2002 because all the ones after 2002 I think look like a joke. If I can't afford that then I want to get a Toyota Supra. Or in a dream situation, both of them and a Shelby Mustang.
I have a green GMC..
I have a silver 07 sentra and a 2009 GMC Sierra but that's more of a work truck.
This is my second car, hyundai.
[Image: 3k93mb3o65Y55U55X1b1p707d9cc64a4d151b.jpg]

1993 ej1, with a b18c1 fully built with;
USDM Type R P-73 Pistons
Eagle Rods
Micro Polished and Balanced Crank
Eagle Block Guard
Hondata Head Gasket
GSR Head
Type R valve train
Type R cams(JDM 2001 Spec)
Dual Springs and retainers on both sides
Skunk 2 intake manifold with exhaust side port matched and polished
Type R Throttle Body
Type R water pump
Type R oil Pump
Type R Injectors
Fidanza 7lb Flywheel
Excedy Stage 3 clutch
B16 Transmission
**Motor made 196whp with a chrome base map**
Engine Bay painted Candy red- Semi wired tucked.
(01-23-2011, 02:12 PM)Rookie. Wrote: [ -> ]I don't have a car at the moment, but I'm saving up for a nice bentley.

yeah, good luck with that
(01-30-2011, 09:20 PM)bigandrewgold Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, good luck with that

Never know dude, he may be serious.
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