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Full Version: Goodbye from KoBE
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I would just like to say thank to to Omni for hosting such a great forum. However I feel that it has come for me to leave. Peace out to everyone that knows me. Here is the link to my farewell to the .NET section (thats where I lurked most of the time).
Sorry to see you go. Hopefully if the site improves in your desired section(s) you shall return.

Gl wherever you may go.
Goodbye and good luck with your future endeavors.
Bye and thanks for being a member while you were. Hope you change your mind though.
Sorry you had to go. Sad Hopefully you'll return at some point in the future.
Its a shame when any coding section losses a member, but as omni said i hope you came back some day!
Later KoBE, have a fun time wherever your going to now..
Later Bro,
Hope to see you strive in life wherever you go.