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Full Version: Suggestion: Report Profiles
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I occasionally see a profile where the avatar or signature breaks the rules...or it is a bot.

Should a report profile button be added like a report post button?
Support on this one, im going to have to agree.
Definatly needed, porn avatars, naked asses in signatures, etc..

Report button , This would help.
Reporting from the post is just as effective, we see nothing extra on their profile.
Yes, but it'd just be more organized for you and easier for me. So I don't need to find a random one of his posts and report it.
Just report a post they've maid and specify it's about their profile.
I understand that haha. But shouldn't the community work to make SF the best it can be? This is an easy add-on and wouldn't hurt, right?

Just a suggestion, thanks for the input though.
I support it. Would be a good one for HF too.
Agreed, Omniscient should look into adding this feature. Great idea!!!
I guess it would help out the staff.
That would be a good idea on here since it is a friendly community free from naked or avatar of girls flashing some cleavage.
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