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Full Version: HF is down thread.
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Discuss about HF being down here.

It's currently down for the 1.6.1 MyBB upgrade. Should be back in a couple of hours is the official word from Omni.


this place is strange lol
hf rules~!
I'm watching the "Memers online" list just to see the influx of members rushing here because HF is down. Tongue
Wow, I am a regular here now.. and loads of people are online o.O
I'm like, totally crying IRL. Serious.
Hopefully it wont be down for that long
Can't wait to see what the new update brings!


Im mad because I just did a transaction VIA HF PM and it went down just as I got my login Sad


SF'll probably collapse from all the new users :L
Haha 230+ guest. This is crazy.
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