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Full Version: iphone to android
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thanks for the input Solidus.
I went from android to iphone, and never looked back.
Stick with the iPhone 4, you won't look back.
android look at the reviews and they'll all say that the droid has more features
I dint see why people fap about androids. I'd stick with the iPhone, as I have one.
I personally love the Android OS. Using it on my HTC Wildfire.
Iphone i really like the style i mean the design
My father have an Android phone & I can tell you that it's just amazing! If you can't wait till Christmas, go for the Android. You would not regret it.
You should get the Iphone and then download Idroid Big Grin that lets you dual boot app os and android os Big Grin
My preference is android since it is way cheaper compared to iphone
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