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Full Version: is this allowed on SF?
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sorry for the newbie-ish question,have looked elsewhere for any rules on it,but is it okay to write useful guides for SF? Unsure

have got the ideas and knowledge to write these guides,but its none of that textbook rubbish which are always based on the DSM manual criterias and stereotypes,no offence to anyone who writes textbook style guides,just heavily biased against them due to having recieved much discrimination, prejudice and ignorance through those.
it depends on what kind of guides they are, if there antything to do with hacking or adult stuff then i don't think it will be, but most guides are allowed to the best of my knowledge.
Yes it's allowed, but make sure it's in the right section.
thanks for confirming it ImALovelyBoy! they potentialy fit both healthy living and lifestyle,and emotional support.

thanks katz!
am rubbish at most forms of hacking,and dont have any interest in 'adult' stuff,being asexual so that will mean its safe by default. Roflmao