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Full Version: Suggestion - Catagory's
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Just An Idea For New Names/Descriptions

Not much is changed in this SUGGESTION,


Site News and Feedback
All news related to Support Forums will be here. If you want to give us feedback or have a site question this is also the place.

The Welcome Lounge
Here is where you introduce yourself, Meet new people and make new friends.

Support Forum Discussion
Welcome to are forum, This is where you can post about anything and discuss with other members.

Video Editing And Tutorials
Got a video you edited or a tutorial you made? Post it here.

Foods & Treats

Got a favorite food or dish, Even recopies? Post Them Here.

/Leave All From Graphics - SF Market Place [As They Are]
/Leave Coding Support Tab [As It Is]
/Leave Web Master Support Tab [As It Is]
/Leave Site Groups Tab [As It Is]

Edit ; Leave All Sub Category's Alone.
I dont think thats going to happen! Nice though, good post!
It's Worth a try, I'm not sure why Omni Made it ; Omni's Secret Hidden Inside Tricks
Not really needed in my opinion, and the name of The Lounge is obviously a humorous name which only people who are of a reasonable age would find funny.
Well I am only 15, So I guess I am not that age yet.
I don't really see what you renamed the categories we already had. o.O
Yeah, And gave them different subtitles, The only one I really want changed is the Omni's Secret's etc, It was kind of misleading until someone explained it to me. And added some other category's.
It looks well thought out, but unfortunately unneeded. Omni generally accepts suggestions about vital things.
Yea I think that might be a good sub forum
I added a few more categories and I'm thinking of some others right now to make it a bigger change, Any suggestions.
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