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Full Version: Site - little or no connectivity
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I'm not sure if anyone else experienced connection issues but I know I did for nearly an hour between 10am-11am (GMT) and then last night I connected and the style sheet, disappeared and wouldn't load properly.

Also this morning around 9am (GMT) for around 20 mins it was constantly timing out on normal forum activities like "Find New Posts"

It's fine now, but I don't know if anyone else was having these problems or if Omni knows about it.

It definitely not me because other websites were fine.
Actually it has been fine for me all night, seems even faster than before actually.
Like now, everything above this post area, the images have gone. Then they come back.
It's alright for me. It must be just your connection or browser.
Work's fine for me, this usually happens when there is a bunch of things on your internet.
Could have been an attack. SF and Central aren't as well protected as HF and it's subject to an occasional attack.