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Full Version: Flaming with positive reputation?
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I've seen people resorting to giving people positive reputation just to flame them or warn other members of something.

Obviously the person receiving the reputation doesn't deserve it if the person giving the rep only had the intention to warn other members or flame.

My question is;
Are people allowed to give positive reputation to flame or warn members?

(bringing back any form of negative reputation to "fix" this problem is an extremely bad idea, don't even bother suggesting it in this thread)
Short answer is NO with a but.
Long answer is yes with an if.

Report the rep in question and it will be dealt with accordingly.
Well sometimes I will jokingly insult someone in a rep comment, it all depends on the exact content I guess.
That is pretty creative.

Yes, report it to staff.
Reputation is an opinion, the member who gave it could think that his/her reason is a good and legitimate reason for a positive reputation.
Positive reputation to warn members? If I had any choice of giving reputation to do anything like that I would leave it as a "comment" by puting a neutral rep on their username. But I haven't done that. If I wanted to find out if a member was unreliable or a scammer even, I would usually just go to view all of their posts in search of any that are negative ones in my point of view.
The answer to your question is in the rules.

9. Reputations should not be abused. Don't use them to flame members. 100 posts are required to give rep.

It does not say anywhere that the rule is only specific to negative reputations.
this is pretty tricky i would suggest asking someone who knows more about this, mod or somthing Tongue
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Who the heck is giving negative text and postitive rep? Seriously they gotta get a life. Thats messed up in so many uncountable ways! I would laugh if I saw this: "+1 for the Sucky and Shitty tutorial you gave us!"... Hahaha, but really, they have to make a filter code for that or something to filter words that are unnecessary before posting a rep.

My opinion... Big Grin
Many people that flaming in positive rep are acctualy joking, but I'm not sure about this.
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