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Full Version: Removing Reputation
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Hi, I know recently Omni removed the right for normal members to give negative and neutral reputations which I fully support.

I would like to suggest though, an option where users can remove positive reputations that they have previously given.

There is a member on the forum who I thought was a very high quality member and fully deserving of positive reputation. Unfortunately it turns out he isn't as high quality as I originally thought and I would now like to be able to remove the positive reputation that I had previously given him.

There will probably be some debate over this suggestion as there has been in the past which is fine.
I would like to know what other peoples thoughts are on this?
You can remove it. Click on the person's reputation and go down to where your's is and it should say "delete rating" beside it.
Ah yeh so you can silly old me. I think I get dumber by the day haha.
i dont support this change
plutonium is ripping his tutorials and i cant even -rep him?
its stupid
plutonium ripped those? he posted them somewhere else too, gonna have to check Sad

anyway i think it;d be coolf i we could delete our own rep since it's only positives now, i dont really like getting stupid +reps
(10-14-2010, 09:06 AM)bkotz Wrote: [ -> ]i dont support this change
plutonium is ripping his tutorials and i cant even -rep him?
its stupid

The report and PM buttons do miracles.
You can report it to staff that's the best option.
Oh No! Was it me? lol... Yeah theres an option if you click there profile reputation. Thats the first place I would go to first to remove something, to the source.
IMHO the debate on REP has been exhausted.
I know the OP asked a specific question. And a valid one.
But its been answered and these REP threads are getting a little too common and IMHO rep really has no specific meaning here and we should treat it as such.
The important thing is members are here and helping one another.
Yeh I don't really know why this thread hasn't been closed yet I reported it after Untouch replied.