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Full Version: Welcome Jay, to the Staff team.
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I'm surprised no one has made one of these threads. Other staff members got them so I'm posting this one.

Congratulations to Jay on becoming the latest addition to the SF staff team. You'll probably know him as the owner of or IBF on HackForums.

It's obvious Omni has a great deal of trust and respect for him so I extend to him the same.

I'm sure you'll do a great job Jay.
welcome jay aka ibf.
Congrats Jay. Yeye

This is a great addition to the team.
Yeah congrats jay, earlier he was an Admin of Hackforums.
Congrats on becoming SF's newest staff member, hope you do as a good a job here as you did at HF.
Congratulations on becoming new staff member.
Congrats. Nice to see more staff members being added.
I was going to make this thread earlier but I was at university and wouldn't trust logging in there for safety reasons. Tongue
Anyway congratulations on becoming a moderator hopefully you will post more now. Big Grin
I'm sure he'll do a gray job as well.

Might wanna fix that Cool

Welcome hope to see you around here a lot.
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