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Full Version: Firefox 3.5.3 Bug Fix
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I scripted a patch today for my own personal use. I realized i hadnt seen any updates around for this version, so I created a GUI for it and posted it.

The crash is caused by running multiple instances of different Javascript forms in multiple tabs. A smaller buffer overflow if you think about it. Luckily firefox came to their senses in earlier versions, Restoring previous sessions and saving closed tabs in the result of crashing or fast rebooting.

Anyways heres the link and a screen shot. So far the bug is patched, and i have sent it into firefox, no response yet.

[Image: 2coondy.jpg]

Download Link
Nice.. I'm not sure of this.
Ehhhhh, i ended up having to reinstall firefox, the patch fixed the error, but corrupted the actually executable. Ive taken off the file download.