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Full Version: [how to] deal with not fitting in [how to]
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How to Deal with Not Fitting In

Hello, I am R4GE_Xy-Cliché or you can call me josh. This will be a guide on how to deal with not fitting in which is actually a lot easier to deal with then some people make it. I know some of you may say you don’t care but a lot of people do deep down, or you truly might not and that’s good for you. I personally don’t care about fitting in but I usually do in general.

The first thing I’m going to talk about is the simplest method but one I seriously don’t recommend. I believe that the easiest way to fit in is to dress like the others, and act like the others. I personally hate this approach and don’t recommend it to anyone person at all. I wish that this was not an option but it is. I guess if you really do want to fit in then look around you, what is everyone acting like, what are they dressed like? If you are desperate to fit in then go buy clothes like there’s and start acting like them. I know this is out of some peoples budgets and that makes me grateful because this is the worst way to go with fitting in.

The next way is more recommend but a lot harder. I personally think way is fairly effective but for the first year or so can really hurt your social life. This method is that you just learn not to care what people think of you. I know this sounds really hard to some of you but trust me it really is not as hard as you think. I personally used this method and 4-5 grade I was far from popular I was a loner. I did what I wanted to didn’t let any of the other kids influences hit me and just stood up for myself and made it clear I’m not scared of them and I know I’m different than them and I’m proud of that. I did most of this last year when I was 13 and in eighth grade. I am now a very popular person because they respect that I know I’m different and they also have fear and respect that I’m proud to be different so I am popular and never have anyone mess with me. The easiest way to go about this method is to ignore what people say, how they act. A lot of girls are actually attracted to guys like this who don’t care what others think. Just ignore the way people act what they say, and just make sure to stand up for yourself to earn your respect.

This last way is actually a little bit of the mix of both methods and is the most common method and frankly the middle ground. This method means you still dress how you want to a certain degree while still being fairly like the other kids around you. I think that this is a pretty good method to get you noticed fairly quickly. I also recommend figuring out how the other kids act and adapting that to your personality so that you act kind of like that but in your own kind of way. I like this because you do not have to change how you act or dress very much and yet you never really hurt your social life at all and you can still get fairly popular like this.

I also recommend getting yourself a hobby that you can show off. If you are a runner then have races. If you are a musician then play in your school talent show or form a band. Trust me everyone can find them a hobby that gets them popular within a certain crowd which will then lead to being all around popular.

I also recommend that if you are not very athletic that you go to a gym near you. I also recommend running a lot and lifting weights that way you can get more athletic and that will help you out with the ladies guys Tongue. I also recommend having races and cycling with friends to add a little bit of fun to your exercise so that It can be fun and still help you lose weight. Make sure you also keep a decent diet.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will follow some advice if you need it, and you can also give me more that I can add in to this article. I hope you all good luck and never let anyone bother you trust me you are above that no matter what they say no one in the world has the right to make you feel bad.
Pretty nice guide, there are many different social clubs, or groups people could fit into, it doesn't always have to be the most popular.
Very sensible guide, and it applies to any age. I like it.
I agree, it's a reasonable guide.

However, to add to what you mentioned about the first method, often even doing that won't be enough as although you might win over the appearance it usually expands beyond that. I'd probably focus more on becoming interested in popular topics relevant to the group you're trying to appeal to. For instance, if you work with a bunch of teenagers who often talk about music, you'd want to familiarize with the genres they're talking about and try to join in on the conversation to socialize instead of buying the same shirts/pants as them.
Yep good post mate.

Do i agree? NO!
We are all too often forced into "groups" Forced to act a certain way, dress a certain way.
The problem is actually the requirement to be of a certain group or stature.
If people were simply allowed to be themselves and others respected this then this issue would not be.
Reality is quite different ofcourse. I know and understand.
However as i am a little older now i see things a little different.
Sure i was cool at school. Did not have problems. Actually i guess i might have been called a bit of an a sshole Smile but a cool kid in the tightest groups.
But i always respected those less fortunate. Be it socially, monetary or physical.
The real problem is actually that people think they need to follow.
Not taking anything away from your post. I think it was a really good tutorial.
I just dont agree. It certainly does not mean i am correct by any stretch of the imagination.
Simply my opinion.
Your methods do work. You are correct there.
I understand %100 DAMINK, and i personally agree couldint give a crap whether i fit in or not, which is why people usually call me an *sshole because i wont act like they tell me to. I personally have actually become semi-popular because of the fact i was the first person in my school to make it known i dont care. I also never let anyone push me around about it.
Good post but I rather be myself
(09-28-2010, 05:10 AM)R4GE_Xy-Cliche Wrote: [ -> ]I understand %100 DAMINK, and i personally agree couldint give a crap whether i fit in or not, which is why people usually call me an *sshole because i wont act like they tell me to. I personally have actually become semi-popular because of the fact i was the first person in my school to make it known i dont care. I also never let anyone push me around about it.

Yes mate. You see why i call myself the Internet A SShole.
Same reason. I say what i believe. I speak my mind despite hostility.
Very important to be yourself. Despite the side effects.
Easy to "fit in"
Shallow as that really is.
To me its hard to not care about what people think. I'm not sure what the reason is behind it, but i would love to know how to change :p
The reason you care is because, you want to be like everyone else. you dont have enough confidence in who you are so you need to be popular to give you more. I understand you are like most people and the news and magizines dont help with that crap making you think you have to be popular or hot or anything. Trust me no matter how you act you WILL find a group you can be with.
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