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Full Version: [Read] Group Information for Applications
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thanks for the heads up. this is kinda like HF's system
(09-21-2011, 05:02 PM)The Flash ϟ Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for the heads up. this is kinda like HF's system

Not even close, you aren't even reading the threads you're replying too, and for the fact that i'm assuming you're going for the feather like most other people that register here, you won't even meet more than 1/5 of the credentials required to create a group to become official.

Oh thanks for the info man. Looking to start a new group
What's the guidelines in order to start up an official group though?
Is it something in which you purchase to own?
Thanks a lot, sorry for posting on this topic at this time.
Nice job Omni,but does it cost any money to make your group official?
Im going to try and go for this. This sounds interesting
Cool Omni. You're not as bad as you look on HF. G00d w0rk.
Thank's for making them free, I'm sure everyone enjoy's it.
A day will come when i will reach that amount of posts
I think you should allow icons from

I understand if not though.
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