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Full Version: [Read] Group Information for Applications
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(11-08-2010, 02:24 AM)C4Vendetta Wrote: [ -> ]Are you allowed to use animations?
Simple things like shine and stuff.

No you are not --
Omniscient Wrote:3k Max Size (no animation)
I've also noticed the text is MOST clear, and visible, when the anti-aliasing method is set to the "Crisp" setting for the text at 11pt Verdana. Just a tip to those out there who are creating group userbars for someone else or their own group.

It was also hard to get a file under 3Kb with a PNG file extension as well, so you're going to have to save the image for the template, upload it to your image editor and create a GIF image instead. It's the easiest way out of making that file size. PNG is a way higher quality image file extension than GIF though, so I started out with a PNG until I looked at the file size to be somewhere around 4Kb. After saving it as a GIF it came down to 1.1 to 1.5Kb... Somewhere around there
Pretty cool, I doubt I'll make a group but this is good for other members.
Can someone here make some sort of Medical/Health support group? I'm far from 500 posts, but I'd really like to be a member of such a group.
The site with the icons got 404'd. Just a little heads up. Smile
When I get 500 post I will be back Smile!!! I want to start a programming dev. team for support forums were everyone creates single projects and all the group projects get broadcasted on SF but I do not program Sad I only webmaster.
I would love to make a group but I do not meet the requirments. I will soon Smile
I have one question. Will we recieve a subforum for our group?
(07-10-2011, 07:17 AM)Cyber-Security Wrote: [ -> ]I have one question. Will we recieve a subforum for our group?

Yea will you? I hope so because it's not a real group without a subforum =)
Once I reach 500 posts, I may look into this, It's nice how you're letting regular members start there own group.
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