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I know of a couple of good TEs (Traffic Exchangers) that I personally use to promote and advertise businesses or if you prefer to gain traffic to your websites. Traffic Exchanging is an efficient way if you want to get legit hits from other people who are also viewing your ads or websites that you setup with one of the websites.

Traffic Swarm
Traffic Swarm Has a lot of members and a good way to get your website viewed by real people to gain traffic. You can easily gain credits by surfing other ads at no cost to you and at time you can get lucky depending on the ad you view.

TrafficG Is another good Traffic Exchanger that I like to use because of it's ease of use. You assign credits that you earn to your own ads/promotions by surfing other ads. Assigning credits to your ads will make it live to be viewed by other people. Depending on how you setup your website through TrafficG it will cost 1 credit to be viewed worldwide, .7 of a credit to be targeted at a certain country/region.

A lot of TE sites have a 10-20 second timer before you can view another ad to gain credits. This is to ensure that people will have to stay for that allotted time and give us a chance to show our websites to them.

If you need any help feel free to PM me or you can leave a post in this thread.
That's a good one thanks.
Thank you, these sites really annoy me though.
I like the hyper linked refferals, you could of just asked, haha.
i tried a bunch of these, they dont really work lol