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Full Version: What car would you buy?
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I wan the brand new BMW 320 series that looks sick
For me it would have to be a red Ferrari F45.
Oh and this is SupportForums mate.
I want a 2010 Camaro.
(08-14-2010, 12:56 PM)XACTLYSIN Wrote: [ -> ]Ello hackforums members.
If you had the chance to buy a car. What car would it be??

If money wasn't an issue? An Audi R8, hands down, no runner up. Realistically, I wouldn't buy a car because I did so just last year.
If Money is the issue then go for an used oneVictoire

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Are we talking realistically here or just mentioning our dream cars?

In case it's the latter, the Nissan Z-300 one (I think that was the name of it).
my dream car would have to be:
a fiat punto mk2 8valve Smile
Lotus elise or Ford mustang GT, depends how much money I had.
Also vote for Camaro 2011. It is a great car.
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