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Full Version: [Battle] Freestyle Signature [Newbies Welcome!]
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Theme: Any theme
Horizontal Size 650 x 200 OR Vertical Size 200 x 400
Render/Stock: Any
Text: Anything, just not your name
Time: Three days

  • I'll be hosting, not participating.
  • Entries must be anonymous.
  • PM entries to me by Aug 11, 10pm board time.
  • Voting begins Aug 12 and ends Aug 15.
  • First to reach 15 votes, or highest in 3 days.
Never seen any of your work Unsure
Can the size be vertical too?
Sounds interesting. Big Grin
One entry received so far.

(08-08-2010, 12:27 PM)Untouch Wrote: [ -> ]Can the size be vertical too?

I thought it over. It fits the freestyle theme, so yes. 200 x 400.
awwwhhhh Sad was hoping you would enter.
I had a perfect vertical picture but my name is on it and I deleted the psd file Sad
I tend to do that alot. Omg
Did something random will enter now. Smile
Two battlers so far.
Bump! come on people we need more entries. Anything is acceptable as long as it's in the size limit and doesn't have your name.

PM all entries to Eve, don't post them here.
Is it open to a newbie??
Yes Big Grin anyone.
I'll take part if i have time tomorrow.
I want to get it if there are more places available!
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