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Full Version: What do you do if you're scared for your life?
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I think of plans I have in the near future and why dying wouldn't make sense :p

Usually suits me up

What about you?
One simple answer, i would run till i can't anymore if you mean like someone's gonna kill you.

I mean like

You're at home and you think something bad is going to happen, like 2012 :p But you find reasons whyit won't.

Not like, Oh crap, a shark is about to eat me!
1. I don't believe in this 2012 crap
2. How a shark would get me if i'm not near the sea? /joke xD

Amm i would prepare to die, well i would go r_ _ e someone first before the bad things happens.
I would simply live life to the fullest extent before I die. ^.^
I think of plans too,, and where to go

It appears you don't understand my question

I mean like.. sometimes I get in a complete bad mood, and I'll be like 'what if I don't wake up in the morning,' then I think of things I have planned for the future :p

get it? xd
Live paranoid, if your not your pretty much doomed. It's good to have goals and working to achieve them, but don't just live day by day planning and waiting for what you gonna do in the future, do it now, put extreme effort now. The more time you spend thinking about the future, the longer its gonna take you to achieve what your trying to acheive.

But yea live paranoid, paranoia saves lives.(trust me)
1 tip:

Dont be afraid of anyone.

Who f.cks with u, kill im.
Quote:I would simply live life to the fullest extent before I die. ^.^
exactly what id do along with all the hard drugs my heart desires id also overdose intentionally along with some adrenaline Big Grin
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