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Full Version: How To Unlock Your BlackBerry For Free
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How To Unlock Your BlackBerry For Free

1. Call your carrier.
2. Ask for the MEP code.
3. Give them your IMEI number.
4. To get your IMEI number, type this on your phone, *#06#, and it should pop up.
5. Once you get your MEP code, turn off your wireless radio on your phone.
7. Then go to ADVANCE OPTIONS.
8. Then go to SIM CARD
9. Type “MEPD” on your phone.
10. You should see “Network as Active”
11. Hold SHIFT + type “MEPE” or “MEP2″
12. You should see “Network as Disabled”
13. You are now the proud owner of an unlocked Blackberry

Thank You!

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Lol, that's pretty neat. Although I don't own a Blackberry, it'll help out one of my friends. Thanks. Big Grin
Does this work for BlackBerrys from other countrys?
Does this work for every blackberry or just some ?
It is not safe to unlock for free either using codes or softwares. Both will affect your mobile very badly. You can get unlock codes for your Blackberry at very easily.
They give the MEP code? Damn I paid a fu***ng 8$ to unlock it...
Hm.. Might try this. Smile
I have never heard of this better. Good TUT.
Nice share, Ill pass this along to my brother and friend. Thanks mate.
Good TUT lucky for me my phone came unlocked.
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