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Guide: Prevent Websites From Hackers Attack
(10-20-2009, 04:50 AM)UID=0 Wrote: No probs, and you know, I would really like one of those nijna-type, game-ready, heavy graphics processing rigs myself, that I drool over in magazines..;)

But they seem to be getting cheaper every month, so maybe I'll get one at some point, when this one breaks down

Yea true, cheaper month in month...xD
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(10-13-2009, 10:15 PM)Apparatus Wrote: Nice share i think this is more of a prevention against thread.

Basically. You really can't (Unless you're like, Google) stop a Website attack if someone, really, really, REALLY wants to attack you. Ddosing, Sql errors, etc. of that nature can't be stopped if the person wants to do it, and if there are too many flaws in your security.
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Awesome guide thanks for sharing. Smile
<3 Support forums.
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I would agree, also, id modify the thread topic slightly, as its confusing when you first look at it.
Awesome, thanks for tha shar3.
Haha, my dad's gonna have to read over this. He just made a website for his business.
[Image: vwx1mh.png]
you just saved my website from fags trying to hit it thank you alot
This isn't the right forum to advertise hacking tools. -Staff

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