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Inception Analysis - Movie Synapsis


In the beginning of the movie, you see Cobb and Saito you know nothing about. Then it skips to the scene where they try to get the information out of him through his dreams. Saito is a wealthy, powerful man and he wants Cobb and his team to implant an idea in a rich man's mind. His name is Fischer. Cobol Engineering is after Cobb for some reason we don't know and we start watching half way in the whole thing (you'll understand). To get back in the US and see his kids, Cobb must complete this job for Saito. His team seeks out the help of Yusef and receives a powerful sedatitve which enables the dreams they have to be so stable, they can start many multi-lateral dreams within dreams. In order to get Fisher alone, they sedate him on his airplane and the whole team goes into his dream. Now the thing about dreams is that the dreamer fills it with everything they think about and the people sharing the dreams can alter the environment. If the dreamer's subcontious (hordes of people) finds the person altering the dream, they attack them. In dreams, if you die, you wake up, but in this case the sedative works in a way that disabled that mechanism and if you die in a dream, you end up in limbo, between your dream and the real world. All that is there is loneliness and hardship, while growing old by yourself waiting to die, as said by Cobb.

Fischer's subcontious is trained to battle intruder's like CObb's team so they have to call in Mr. Charles in order to win support of Fischer. Mr. Charles is the idea that tricking the dream into believing that his subcontious are after him, he will go along with you. This turns out to be a success and fischer and the team enter the hotel room and go into another dream (within a dream) of fischer's. Cobb's sidekick stays behind to battle the subcontious and protect the team and Fischer. The others arrive in the snow barren arctic area and have to break into the security facility to access Fischer's and his godfather's secrets. Saito gets shot back in the first dream so he is already weak here and eventually dies here. Cobb and "Juno" enter another dream on the 4th level of the dreams. Cobb must find his wife who has Fischer hostage. The thing about his wife is that she was Cobb's first test of Inception and he impanted the idea that Dreams WERE REALITY. Like CObb's saying, an idea is the most powerful multiplying thing out there, growing and filling ones mind until it controls them. His wife is long dead, but his subcontious still conveys her presence thoughout the whole movie. Cobb's wife was so sure that to enter real life from the dream (which she was in the real world actually) she must kill herself and encourages Cobb to follow suit. She had already told 3 lawyers that Cobb threatened to kill her, as an incentive to follow her into the untimely death so they could be free again in the real world. She jumps off a ledge and dies, and Cobb must run and travel to Europe and Asia. He left his kids in the US with his mother and father, but he misses them dearly.

The thing about dreams is when the team goes into dreams, they each bring an object with them at all times only fully known by each of them, which serves as a "measure" of the current reality. If the object is the same as when they thought of it, then they are in the real world, if not, someone tried to recreate it but failed. Also, the thing about dreams is that time is expanded dramatically. 5 minutes in the real world is equivalent to 1 hour in the dream. If you enter mutiple dream layers, the time gets mutiplied, so when the team entered all these layers, each person or persons have different amounts of time to complete the task needed to finish the job. The first guy Yusef who was driving the van with them in it, drives off a bridge in order to kick (which means to wake the team form the dream, due to the sedative's properties, a kick is when the dreamer or dream observer feels themself falling) the team so they can wake up. This is a key part in the movie. Yusef, Fischer and his Godfather get out (the godfather is really Tom Hardy but in the dream he is the godfather) and are safe, and Cobb's assistant gets out alright as well. Saito died far back and is now stuck in limbo for many many many many many years. Cobb is the only one still in the van and he "dies" and it flashes back to the first scene in the movie! Pay attention folks, this is where things get interesting. Cobb and Saito exchange words and Saito realizes what has happened, since he remembers the spinny top that Cobb used as his object in dreams. The most powerful words are exchanged here, and the next scene shows Cobb waking up in the airplane and everyone looking at him smiling. They have done it! Saito fulfulls his promise to get Cobb back in the US, and they end up in the airport and exchange proud, majestical looks at one another. I thought this was a good part in the movie.

Cobb arrives home and sees his kids faces for the first time, since his dreams about them, which he doesn't look at them. His father greets him and they are all happy. (The spinny top is supposed to fall over in the real world and keep spinning in the dreams) Cobb spins his top and goes to the kids; the last 5 seconds are shots of the top spinning, it stays strong and wavers just a little and keeps going and repeating and then the movie ends. It could mean that it is a dream or that we will never know. Now, listen, in the movie Cobb describes dreams in the way that you end up right in the middle of them, not knowing what came before it all you know is that you are here or there doing this or that and that's about it. The movie did not show a reason why Cobb was being hunted by Cobal Engineering and we started the movie in the "middle" of the whole thing. This could mean the whole movie was a dream or something else. This i my analysis of the movie and the connections I made. I have watched the movie only once and I plan to watch many more times. You cannot catch everything that goes on in the movie, all in one viewing. This was my best attempt at explaining the movie and the intellectual connections within it, I probably missed a few things.

EDIT: After watching 2 times, I can think of 2 possible explanations.


Remember when Cobb is at Yusef's lab and he tried the sedative and went into a dream? After he came out, he went into the bathroom and tried to spin the top. He never actually got it to spin on the counter because Saito interrupted him. This means he never knew if he really came out of the dream. This could be a plausible area that meant the rest of the movie was Cobb's dream entirely.


Cobb had Mol's totem (the spinny top) and used it all the time,this could make us believe that it was Mol's dream all along, because we never saw Cobb's totem firsthand.

Please discuss this in this thread now. I will try to answer any question to the best of my ability.
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If I read it, will it give away the movie?
Wall of text crits for over 9000
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(07-17-2010, 12:40 PM)Grizzly Wrote: Wall of text crits for over 9000

Come on man be more mature. Just read it. Books are walls of text...
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You've managed to get to be #3 for "Inception Analysis". Congrats.

I plan on seeing the movie asap. I added a Youtube Trailer to your post hope you don't mind.
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(07-18-2010, 11:42 AM)Omniscient Wrote: You've managed to get to be #3 for "Inception Analysis". Congrats.

I plan on seeing the movie asap. I added a Youtube Trailer to your post hope you don't mind.

#3 as what? Like 3rd best analysis that you've seen? Or am I missing something...

Also, I think you added the wrong video lol. I'll add the trailer now.
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(07-17-2010, 05:21 PM)Backslash Wrote: Come on man be more mature. Just read it. Books are walls of text...

Relax, I read it Smile

As I read books daily I can assure you, I know they are walls of text.
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Also bear in mind that this trailer does not give away a lot of things about the movie. It is strictly discreet about it.
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I am going to see it again today, hope I can get more out of it Smile
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I didn't read the analysis because I'm going to watch the movie Friday night. Then I'll reply back here. Thanks for posting this, though. Can't wait to read it.
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