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List Of Scam Websites
wow that's a lot of sites, i'm too lazy to check it out but good share.
Nice long list there. Nice work! Was it self compiled or quoted from another site? Either way thanks for bringing that to this forum. I use Google Chrome and Firefox and both have built in Phishing alerts ETC, that protect from these kind of sites.
I didn't understand your question. But if you are asking for the site which are not trustworthy or recommended not to visit them for security purpose. If that is the case my reply be as under: I have a list of sites which are as under, those are classified not to be visited for security purpose.

anti sound logger
Thanks, might help the n00bz.
i think its scammer site too ..
Great thread Smile I am gonna save those sites, so if i find a side, that looks kinda weird i can look it up Big Grin

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