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Support Forums .NET Threads Compilation
Support Forums VB Threads Compilation

Written By: Fragma

Here is a list of all the most helpful tutorials, guides & source codes posted on Support Forums.


Source Codes:

Loading/Writing Xml Files [C#]

Determine If 32 or 64 Bit OS

Animated Form Extend

Tricks Using PictureBox Control

Getting IP & Information

Check If Executed From USB Drive [C#]

Kill A Process [C#]

Check If Executed For First Time

Get Country In 1 Line Of Code

Generate Random Numbers & Letters

Website Image To PictureBox

VB 2008 - Useful Code

How To Hook The Keyboard

Computer Information

Base64 Encode & Decode

MD5 Encrypter & Finder

Source Codes For Beginners Pt.1

Source Codes For Beginners Pt.2

Making & Using A Builder & Stub

Reverse Connection

List Process'/Kill Process'

RC4 Encryption Module

Advanced Icon Changer

Minimize To Tray

Advanced MessageBox Control

Written Tutorials:

VB Online Protection

Simple Tips & Advice

Photo Viewer

On-Screen Colour Select

MSN DP Stealer

Auto Updater (With Voice)

VB6 - How To Make A Progress Bar

VB Dialogs - Font, Color, Open & Save

How To Make A Program That Sends Emails

Creating A Port Scanner

Creating A Game Map

Autoclicker - VB.NET

Making A File Binder

Video Tutorials:

Computer Information

Source Code Grabber

Site Checker

User/Pass Login Form

MD5 Encryptor


File Deletion


Text To Speech

LogIn Background Changer

HttpWebRequest POST Method
You Should add my Auto Updater with voice Big Grin
Good compilation of tutorials & codes.
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(06-25-2010, 04:14 AM)smnn Wrote: You Should add my Auto Updater with voice Big Grin


Hoping that this gets stickied.
(06-25-2010, 04:49 AM)Dubstep Wrote: Added.

Hoping that this gets stickied.

Thank you. Thumbsup
thansk for this buddy!
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I live my life a quarter mile at a time.
For those ten seconds or least I'm free, nothing else matter.
Nice compilation will try that Port scanner one.
Thanks for the port scanner.

I might use that on my irc bot Big Grin
Nice list you got here,It should be stcked....If your going to keep updated ;)
Yeh I will keep it updated. Thanks for the support.

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