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What Do You Think Of Ubuntu
I really like it and find it easy to use, although i still use both Linux and Windows, I'm leaning more towards Linux as the main OS.
I like it. It hasn't pissed me off yet like freaking Fedora did :/

Since I'm really into open source and against the virus known as windows I only run Linux...been trying out several new ones but always come back to Ubuntu. I don't have the time to mess around with the command line all the time.
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Don't like Ubunt at all, rather use different anti.
I used Ubuntu once. It seemed decent. Though it was around 6 years or so. I experimented with Knoppix, Ubuntu and Gentoo. They all were decent. Has it gotten alot better in the past few years?
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I don't really like it. It always messes up when I connect to the internet. =(
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What kind of issue is that :S It's your sided, as my INTERNET connection works great... wireless or not.
Ubuntu is extremely fast, this is why I have it installed on my netbook.
It's a very bulky Linux distro in comparison to the rest of it's family in regards to Linux itself.

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