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What is your hacker nickname?? CHECK
lol mines is
netw0rk 5p1d0r
For what happened to me was a misfortune,
I wouldn't like others to dare.
For being a rule breaker,
a critical abuser,
has given me the destiny I deserved.

For being a fool.
Has lead me to nothing else,
for I faced despair,
for I was only destined
to be sled by the dragon of time.
h0Ax K1LL3r

This name is just silly...
When I entered my full name (First, middle, last) I got :
phAnt0m punK
When entered first and last : netw0rk mAn1Ac
C00k13 : phire b00t3r

I'll stay with C00k13
Username generated by the site: pr0xy punK
crap name -
flux bu5t0r
Well I put in my first and last and got:
Aciid bug

Whole name got:
Aciid b00t3r

note:Aciid must love me
Lol pretty old.
xtr3m3 w0rm
[Image: vhc689.jpg]
do noт мaĸe мe мad. ι wιll ĸιll yoυ.
-rep me if you want to get banned! please!
Anonymous rep is for freakin cowards!
First and Last name - flux g33k
First, Middle and Last name - bl00dy cl0bber
[Image: 3326yvl.jpg]

what backb0ne bug

ne0 fux0r

That's with just my last name lol

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