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[HELP][VB6] Comparing md5/file size?
I'm trying to make a VB6 application that "diagnoses problems" with game files. Most of the time, they have the wrong files from a patch failure, or one of their files became corrupted.

Is there a way I can compare files to a .txt file hosted on my webhost to see if they have the correct files?

Basically, what I want to happen is, they press the "Run diagnosis" button and it downloads a .txt file with the name of ALL the files and their current md5/file size it'll be "Diagnosing" and comparing them to the actual file size/md5. If the file size/md5 matches, it'll display a new form, with a list of the individual files, and whether or not they have a problem, like

File1.exe - Okay!
File1.dll - Okay!
File2.dll - Error! You can re-download this file by clicking here!
file2.ngz - Okay!
file3.cuz - Okay!
file8.rgm - Error! You can re-download this file by clicking here!
file6.wz - Okay!


Is this possible, or am I wasting my time?

Thanks for your responses guys! Detailed answers would be most helpful.

Nobody? No one is willing to help me?
Please? Someone help?
Have you found a solution for your issue?
(02-04-2012, 07:33 AM)sysduddeguy Wrote: Have you found a solution for your issue?

This is a two year old thread, why would you possibly post on this?
Maybe something that check's in a textfile all the files you need. if your missing DLL's it will tell you, something like that? Smile

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