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Ban the person above you!
banned for wrecking the corrupt thread.
Banned for being the first person to realise the truth!
[Image: vhc689.jpg]
do noт мaĸe мe мad. ι wιll ĸιll yoυ.
-rep me if you want to get banned! please!
Anonymous rep is for freakin cowards!
Banned for been epic.
[Image: pageviews=1]
Banned for bad grammar. Yeye
(06-07-2010, 02:55 AM)TheOverAnalyzer_808 Wrote: Banned for bad grammar. Yeye

Banned because your avatar makes me raahh rahh *vomits* Wacko sick.
[Image: 5v0tgo.png]

Hope is a destination to a world of exploits.

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