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shared hosting account with Wordpress support?
I'd like to host my new Wordpress blog and need your help regarding my hosting provider choice.
My requirements 25 GB space, 850GB traffic, Linux.
They should have full system backup. I have already found web host and not sure if I can trust them.
Is it a reliable web host? Do you know anything about them?
Any hosts for comparison?
Anyway, it is better to know more web hosts and compare their hosting packages before signing up.

Well, has an amazing reputation for providing secured hosting service at very competitive price along with superb customer service - giving you the confidence you need to know it'll be around for years to come. Recommend you to try them out.
At last I have found a host that actually listens to what you are saying. There is far too much reliance on automated responses with some hosts but with you get that personal touch with email replies from their support that are so fast it is almost unbelievable. Very good USA web hosting provider.
Use plans from and as their services are Wordpress-friendly.
These are the best hosting services' around. Great support staff, responds to tech calls quickly and fix's issue's even if there not a server problem. What more can you ask from a hosting service?
#5 and plans are worth every cent you pay for their services.
Pleasant and patient. Geeks with grace comes to mind. Seriously, if you have a problem with your host, give them 5 minutes and you will see why I made time to write about them. You will be glad you did.
Why not give a try?
Web Hosting - Pay €1 EUR and get 6 months of premium Web Hosting.

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