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Detailed Info on RuneScape 3 Bank Placeholders
The almost-final version of RS Bank Placeholders update is on its way. With a new Bank Placeholders and Improvements Beta released this Tuesday, the full update is proposed to launch at the end of this month.
Join in Bank Placeholders and Improvements Beta
According to the latest official news post, a new RuneScape Bank Placeholders and Improvements Beta starts on September 17th, 2019. This beta is almost the final version of the Bank Placeholders update. If all goes according to plan, the full update will be released in game at the end of September 2019. The exact release date will be announced later through the RuneScape channels.

Learn RuneScape Bank Placeholders & other features
RuneScape Bank rework aims to improve several aspects of the bank, including adding placeholders, improving the search engine and being more user friendly. Here are some main features with the bank rework:
1. Bank Placeholders. RuneScape Bank Placeholders allows you to save a placeholder for an item in your bank. You can keep your bank organised with a specific layout.
2. Sorting options. You are able to sort your bank by level required to make/wear/use items, Grand Exchange value, quantity and others.
3. Tab changes. You can have up to 15 bank tabs instead of 9, and give each tab an icon from a range of icons and rename each tab.
4. Default number to move. If you activate this, you can withdraw or deposit a set amount of an item by left-clicking it.

Feedback on RuneScape Bank Placeholders and Improvements Beta is encouraged. Every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates on our site - Besides, don’t forget to enjoy free 250M OSRS gold & 1000M RuneScape gold on RSorder Sept.20.

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