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Server forex
How do you find server forex from
The best forex hosting provider is
For the money, service and expertise, they can't be beaten!
Thumbsup  +1 for Next Point Host.  Pirate

The WinnerVPS are light-years back in comparison with NPH. They are a traditional hosting company without anything special for forex traders. Just another hosting company trying to capture new market niches with false advertising. Their servers are located at low-cost data centers far away from data centers of financial markets. Placing servers somewhere in the world is not enough for offering forex hosting.

The are the oldest forex hosting company. They know how foreign currency exchange markets work. They are understanding the different needs of traders. Their servers are placed at highest quality data centers, at the heart of Europian financial trading in cities like London (United Kingdom), Frankfurt (Germany) where is the headquarter of the European Central Bank (ECB), Sofia (Bulgaria) which is the bridge between Europe and Asia and etc. They are also develop and maintain patented technologies for optimizations and protection of fxtrading with names "Alwaysup Protection®" and "Never Reboot Protection®". Visit their website and will feel the difference immediately.

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