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How To Choose A Fitting Pair of Hiking Boots
How To Choose A Fitting Pair of Hiking Boots

If you don't have a pair of hiking boots that fit well, a lot of problems can happen. They include plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, sprained arches, blackened toenails, and blisters. But how to achieve this with good hiking boots? Let's get started with your socks.

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[Image: nYHDHyG.jpg]

The right pair of socks will serve you well during the extended trips.

Details like overall thickness and toe seams can both relieve or cause pressure problems, depending on the fitting level. Some newer socks, made with modern technologies, have a different thickness in various areas. As a result, they can alter the boot fit.

The best possible solution is buying boots and socks at the same time at the same store.

This way, you can try the boots with the socks you wear in your hiking trips, removing the doubts about their compatibility. If possible, also try to bring the inserts you want to use.

When you're not in a position to do that, think about your hiking environment in the next backpacking trips and the previous experience as well.

If you worry about your feet getting cold, get wool socks that can insulate and protect your feet well. In contrast, if you feel warm, buy synthetic socks to wick the moisture away. Your foot's size also has something to do with socks. If you have wide feet, choose thin socks and buy thick ones for narrow feet.

Don't hesitate to try as many pairs of socks as possible to find the right one for your personal preferences and hiking goals.

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You just rely on the declared size to pick a pair of boots, and they can vary between lineups and manufacturers as well. Boots of size eight from a brand may not fit your feet like one from another brand.

The safest way is to try them and pick the one with the best fit even if its size is not the one you always wear. This sometimes means you will have a pair of one size smaller or larger than usual.

Don't choose boots with narrow toe box since it can cramp your toes pretty hard, resulting in a lot of pain. And they are not easy to remodel either, so fixing them after purchase isn't always an option.


[Image: pMYZZVU.jpg]

The great hiking boots should bring firm support along the arch. On long distances, better support means more stability and comfort.

Try to see if the toe box and forefoot are fit enough.

You should have the ability to bend the boots in stride. The room for your toes should also be enough to splay and wiggle without rubbing the sides. Don't pick a pair of boots that make your toes hit the end while going downhill.

The boots must support your feet enough so that its heel doesn't lift, which can cause significant blisters and rubbing when it happens a lot. With correct lacing, you can lock it down but may not feel very comfortable anymore.


How to get the right fit for your hiking boots is a complicated issue. This varies from hiker to hiker. You are in luck if you find a fit pair right in the beginning. If you're not, try the above tips to find [Image: v4izu9H.gif] the best hiking boots for yourself.
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