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National Archaeological Museum of Spain
The National Archaeological Museum was founded in 1867 by Isabel II, following the European trend of creating large national museums designed to show the testimonies of the past of each country. With its creation, the demand was met to gather in a single great institution the collections of antiquities , dispersed in different establishments, in order to represent the history of Spain, from the origins to the most recent times, and offer a panorama of the ancient civilizations of the rest of the world.
[Image: 1hGqwAn.png]
The idea found momentum in the development that archeology reached at that time, as well as in the awareness of the rich cultural heritage that, because of invasions   wars and confiscations, was in danger of disappearing and needed to be protected.

The new Museum had to gather, conserve and study these goods to put them at the service of the citizens, contributing in this way to their education and instruction.

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wow ... great information. thanks for sharing
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