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I have had bad relationships since birth. My family were awful and barely had anything to do with me growing up. Most of my friends stabbed me in the back, the rest simply stopped being part of my life pretty early on. My family eventually left completely. I was used to being alone, but I just want to have real friends. I want to have people on my life who care for me like I care for them. But because I expect them to leave me i tend to be clingy. I try to enjoy it while it last... Which my clinginess drives people off. I can't help it in tired of being alone and depressed. I'm desperate. I'm scared that something is wrong with me. I'm scared I will never have anyone close to talk to, watch movies with, or even love.
crap, I doubted if I wrote this 1 week ago...
I got over it, just by starting loving myself and others...
Give it a try, do something good, and you'll get it back.
You're searching for love (it's very natural), give love to the world so it can give you love back.

I also tried to consult therapy, which helped me to discover the love thing, I didn't get love either but I can it by giving.
And in case you tried this for few days, and didn't work, you can ask a professional...
Sending you power
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