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Whaaaat's up people? I'm Designer!
What's up people? I'm Designer! (Hackforums Profile)

You might've guessed, I enjoy designing, but I also work as a web developer.
Some other things I enjoy doing are snowboarding, sport in general, listening to (and making) music and watching movies.

Maybe you've come across the latest website I made for Omniscient:
I've done some other things for Hackforums before, but you should check out my threads over at HF if you'd like to see those.

Currently I'm just checking Support Forums every now and then, I'm a little too busy to be active at the moment.
Feel free to say hi here or over at HF ;)

That's a really insane website. I like it so much.
(10-28-2014, 05:26 AM)Reama Wrote: That's a really insane website. I like it so much.

Why thank you Reama, appreciate it ;)
Welcome to SupportForums designer, have a great time.
wow... nice to know you.....
me new to this forum
The Three ‘C’s’ Of Leadership Are Consideration, Caring, And Courtesy. Be Polite To Everyone.”

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