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Install Motorcycle Lights
Hello Community,

Even though there are a variety of motorcycles, installing lights are pretty much the same for all motorcycle types. Headlights help the driver of the motorcycle to see rocks, animals as well as bumps in the road during night travel. If you need to replace the light bulb on your motorcycle, it's a pretty simple task.

1. Check your motorcycle manual to make sure that you purchase the right light bulb for your headlight, turn signals and rear lights. Wrap a piece of tape on each end of needle-nose pliers.
2. Remove the light for the neutral and turning signals. If your light bulb is in a little boot tub, push the tub out of its holder and you will see the bulb inside the boot tub. Use the needle-nose pliers to pry the inside of the boot to grip and pull out the light bulb to remove it. Insert the new light bulb with the same needle-nose pliers and reinsert the boot tub in its holder on the motorcycle.
3. Remove the light bulb from the headlights. Loosen and remove the bolts that are attached to the corners of the headlight with a socket ratchet. Then, remove the connector that connects to the headlight. Turn over the headlight to its back side, and remove the rubber garment that covers the light assembly. Press the clip that is holding the assembly in, and pull out the light assembly to access the light bulb. Remove the light bulb, and replace it with a new light bulb. Reassemble all the parts to finish.
4. Access the light bulb behind the headlight to remove the bulb and to install a motorcycle HID kit. Remove the light bulb, and then replace it with a new light bulb. Connect the wires from the factory plug and the bulb connectors to the ballast. Mount the ballast securely using twist ties or double-back Velcro. Test the lights, and then put everything back together.

Best Regards,
Anthony Martello

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