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Need Help With AIM Client
I'm currently working on an AIM client and i cant figure out why i cant connect to the AIM servers. it connects and then disconnects as soon as its connected and says "error: 10053 connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure". i tried use the remote host as but it doesn't work. and i also tried and it says the same thing. i spent hours trying to find the right server but no luck. any input is greatly appreciated. this client is being coded in Visual Basics 6.0..
[Image: 97b4ba5b.jpg]
can anyone help me? im still stuck...
Well first, I pinged and it's not giving me a response while is, so I'm thinking the first link is not what you need. It could possibly be that an AV and or Firewall is blocking it. So if you haven't already, test it with those off. Also take a look at these errors here. The second error means that the connection was shut down by the client your connecting to i.e. aol. I don't know anything more on the subject but it might be that you're not connecting to the server correctly or your connecting to the wrong one. I'll try and take a look at it and let you know what I find.

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