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[Release] Web-Camera Security - My First Release
[Image: Sv0KK.png]

  • Motion Detection
  • Web-Camera capture saves in intervals
  • Web-Camera capture saves on movement detection
  • FTP Upload captured images (in interval + on detection)
  • E-Mail notifications (on movement detection)
  • E-Mail upload (on movement detection)
  • Every operation is logged
  • Logs save
  • FTP log upload
  • Web-Camera video capture
  • Multi-Threaded
  • FFMPEG used
  • Video file formats supported: AVI, MPEG, WMV

Why to download it?
  • It's my first project and I would like to get some feedback
  • Can be used for home security

System requirements
  • 128MB of RAM (when recording/rendering, RAM usage sometimes hit 60-70mb)
  • 14MB of HDD space (for the application)
  • 1Mbit Internet connection (only for upload/E-Mail feature, if not used Internet connection is not needed)
  • A Web-Camera

Virus Scan


Mirror #1: MIRROR LINK #1

For the love of God, why is it 14MB?
I'm using ffmpeg to convert image sequence to a video file. I wanted to keep it simple, so I just placed ffmpeg.exe into resources and when the video needs to be converted, ffmpeg.exe is extracted to the application's executable path. ffmpeg.exe is 12.1MB.
You should have used zlib to compress ffmpeg... You can compress that by about 70-80% I believe.

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