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What's your thoughts on BMW M3 E36?
Hey, I wanna hear your thoughts on BMW M3 E36? Is it worth the money, does it eat up a lot of cash from your pocket for gas? I personally think that of all of the BMW 3 series, this one is by far the best. I'm talking about the 99' BMW M3 E36.
The BMW M3 is a high-performance Car of the BMW 3 Collection, the engines are more powerful than others in the series so it probably does use a lot of fuel, I think It's a good car and it doesn't look that bad at all.
[Image: tumblr_lwohbb3KEe1qbbz7yo1_400.gif]
BMW's require lots of maintenance, and it's not cheap. I had a 330i for a very short period. I got rid of it a soon as i could because it was a nightmare. Something little would always break and it would ruin my day, i bought an si and i have never been happier.

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