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[FEEDBACK] What you like the most in SF ?
I LOVE the fact that there is so many friendly people here. As someone before me stated, 'Even the kids are mature.'
I think that the Maturity level of sites and post are a key factor in site base.
Besides, how many new members a day?
May your vibrations feel good. </nonperverted>?

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Goodbye for now Damink. You'll be missed by me bro, take it easy and keep in touch! <3
Everyone at «Supportforums» Is the nicest people i met in my life. Its so warming that where all friends.

: Superman : out.
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I like this site, because there is a lot that you could learn here and the fact that there are also many experienced members
here as well who are happy to help others that may not be so knowledgeable.

As has been pointed out, it is still a fairly new site, only 6 weeks old and yet it has already 1,357 members,
who 'have made a total of 25,672 posts in 2,472 threads', which by anybody's standards is pretty good going imo.

I can only see that it is going to get better as and when the search engine positon improves,
which technically I know nothing about and the member base will certainly continue to increase.

Hopefully, that will bring more dedicated and helpful members on board.

Also, the younger members here, the kids, are quite mature as has already been mentioned
and I was a little surprised when I discovered the age of many of them, because they all seem so smart.

That's a benefit of being born into the computer age I imagine, because when I was a teen,
there were computers of course, but in those days, a PC, if there even was one, with the same type of processing power as PC's today,
which I have some doubts over, would have probably had to have been about the size of a house or whatever.

Anyway, I like SupportForums, because it is a very cool site, with a lot of cool members.
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Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance - Confucius

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