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Orange Peel - MyBB theme by biasa199
Rate it! I'm not going to be releasing it though, but I just want your opinions.

To be honest hurts my eyes. :cool Ninja
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
Make it in multiple colors but that is pretty awesome.
[Image: banner.jpg]
Its pretty cool. I like it I guess. Lol :p
Looks good, the colors work together very well.
[Image: Nyan.jpg]
Seems legit.

It looks quite nice, better then anything you've done before.
I like this alot, i wish my theme on my site was like this.
It's awesome, looks professional looking also.
Looks Very nice quite basic but it's nice I would suggest working on the text a bit try to remove the [Bold] effect/code, would be much better and change the Ficon it doesn't match to the site subject, "Database Of Hacking" and a gaming joystick...
you got the point. good luck. Smile
The theme's been edited now. No more gaming joystick. Tongue

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