Poll: Which Do You Think Net_Police_Officer.911 Should Use For His PC Security?
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COMODO Internet Security Premium
2 100.00%
System Mechanic Professional W/ Iolo System Shield
0 0%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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COMODO Interent Security VS Iolo System Mechanic Professional w/ Iolo System Shield
Which Security Software do you think I should use? COMODO Internet Security Premium or Iolo System Mechanic Professional w/ Iolo System Shield?
It probably depends on personal preference. Compared to choosing an AV, I personally prefer MSE even though I know AVG and Avira may also be great. In this situation, I prefer using COMODO.

I prefer MSE because it isn't that sensitive compared to AVG and Avira. Plus it consumes lower memory compared to Avira and possible AVG.

I suggest searching for reviews and other users' reactions if you want to compare technical stuff.
Out of the ones that you have suggested I would go with Comodo because I guarantee they have better support. Plus their Internet Security is great and plus it's free.
Thanks for sharing this!!

This will help out!

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