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I am Infected Give some good suggestions
IN my Internet explorer There is a virus name as LORD RAGUL COOL.It cannot be deleted how can i clear it.Is there is any one to help me.
Sf's HJT section is moved to
Please post in hf's HJT section.
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
Thank u Mr.Kewlz I am new to forums thats y i am doing more mistakes.....
Doesn't matter mate, was just informing you that you won't get any official help here.
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
The HJT Team are both here and there.. Quintus just isn't that active anymore.
HJT team was moved on Hf long ago.
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
I can help you to remove. Just PM me on HF or here.

Please try to have the latest version of:
  • Malwarebytes
  • CCleaner
  • Original AV
[Image: 6c221674de.png]
Google search "Malwerebytes" its a good free strong detecting antivirus. Or delete the .exe in task manger.
I suggest you to do combofix, then scan with malwarebytes.
Click on Any folder.
2. Click Tools – Folder Options – View – Hidden Files & Folders
3. Mark Show hidden files and folders
4. Unmark Hide extensions of Known file types
5. Unmark Hide protected Operating system files (Recommended)
6. First two files were seen on my flash drive : Rahul’svirusprotection.vbe & autorun.inf
7. Click on the properties of both file and unmarked Read only.
8. Clicked Apply & deleted both files.
9. Searched for RAGUL*.* on hard drives.
10. Click on the properties file and unmarked Read only deleted the file.

I hope these steps work for you my friend.
In case it does not then maybe it is a serious problem and you should seek a professional virus removal assistance

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