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Visual Studio
I need a lot of help. I need some code and a few other things for my project. I need to know how to save text that was "placed" into a text box to a .txt file. How can I do this?

Also I am coding in Visual Studio (on my school PC's) and the .NET FW is very low, it is deffinatly not 4.0 Framework, there for everytime I find a theme I would like to use, it does not support. . . I get code errors. So I need a theme!

I would like to get the code for what I am asking, I will give you credits!

I also need to know how to open a completely different form or dialog box with a click of a button, for example say i have a button that says "Open Media Mode" and when it is clicked a seperate pop-up box displays with more controls.

Thank you for reading this! Tongue

I already fixed this for you on TLF.


Don't give me credits, give them credits. You can find anything you want by just googling it.

To open a different form then:


Double click a button and put that in the code, replace "Form2" to whatever form you wish to open.
P.S if you wish to download .NET Framework 4 then go here:

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