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AppData | Most common place for viruses to hide!
This is a thread I made on HackForums a while ago, that never got any attention at all. I think this needs to be seen by more people, so I thought I'd post it here!

Things going slow? Are strange things happening with your PC?

Then check yo' AppData! This is the single most common place for a virus to hide.

Why? Because the folder is hidden, meaning it isn't even visible unless the user has their settings configured to show hidden files and folders.

How to get to this "AppData" folder? Go to your start button, and search "run." Another way to do this is by pressing and holding the "Windows" key then press the "R" key.

What do you look for when you are in your AppData? Typically speaking, viruses will be at the main directory of the AppData folder. Look for any .exe files, or any file type other than a folder for that matter. If there are any, delete them. (Unless of course, you put them there)

What if it won't let me delete the file because it is open in another process or program? Well, this is where things get tricky. I recommend running your PC in safe mode, and deleting it via that. There are other ways, but that is the safest and most effective way in my opinion.

Good luck, sorry if this has been posted, and have a nice day.

Hope I helped someone, have a nice day. Smile
Thank you for much for this tip. Haven't heard of it yet.

Looked through the folders in appdata and did not see any exe's.

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