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[Guide] SF Important Threads Compilation
Nice compilation, Skill.

I read a few of them. Its good to see a compilation thread so that good tutorials are not missed out in the forum pages! Smile
This: thread should also be put in the emotional support section. Suicide Prevention is important. A lot of people do suicide nowadays so it would be good to put it in..

Thank you very much for this compilation Skill there are some great tutorials on that list Smile
Very nice thread :d
- I find it very usefull Big Grin Good job
Wooh $hIt. This is amazing! Great! Awesome! You collected whole forum here. ! AWESOME!
thanks a lot for this amazing list !

especially the one about visual basic, because that's the language I'm learning at the moment Smile
Thank you so much Skill there are some great tutorials Smile)
Thanks for all the hook ups. It really is a geat help to have quidk referances.
wow what a compilation! Nice!
I'll check some of those out Smile
Wow, this was one hell of a compilation.
Hopefully it stays up to date with the new tutorials coming out >Big Grin

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