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Application Organiser
Hello All,
I Would Like To Create An application which will organize my application's
Please Visit The below Link


And Give Your Comments And Would You Like To Help Me Making This One Application.
I m Just A Dreamer Not A Programmer But Would Like To Become A Good One.
Looks like a start, I've always had an idea like that myself but really haven't gotten the way of putting it together like that. What language is it written in???
A developer, thinker & bliss guy that tries his hardest to enjoy life ~~~
it will be written in vb.net and the problem is solved thanks to ace from tlf....
(02-11-2012, 08:43 PM)lhcrulz Wrote: it will be written in vb.net and the problem is solved thanks to ace from tlf....

Hey that's me Confused lol

If you need any other help though, i'm either here or TLF though Smile
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