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How to fix an unreadable disc [Xbox 360]
If it is a scratch with the ring, then the only helpful method is the 1st one.
Thanks for the guide bro! I don't have a xbox though, but this sounds legit.
Thanks for the post, This will be useful as a I have a little brother
who goes around breaking my dics.

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thank you for sharing this psot
(02-10-2012, 05:38 PM)Sam Wrote: My XBox has just decided to kill itself. I've put in two games and it makes a horrible sound then the games come out with circular scratches (Most likely to do with the laser reader) and so I've just ruined Fifa 12 and 11.

What happened with my xbox 360 was I shook it or it fell over and the xbox spins the game making a ring in the disk and that's how I lost my nba 2k18.
hope this helps Thumbsup

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