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Learn How to Detect Hidden Trojans/Viruses/Keyloggers on Your PC
Are you beware that there is a hidden Trojan, Virus or Keylogger working on your PC and sending your logins to hackers?

If you are in that situations you don't need to worry anymore. In this post i will show you a security software called Process Revealer that can detect and kill hidden processes.

[Image: ProcessRevealer.png]

Process Revealer Free Edition is a free hidden process detector that reveals what does not appear in standard detection utilities like Windows Task Manager. Process Revealer provides detailed information about each process running on your computer to help you know if a process is related to a malicious program. Hidden programs are automatically highlighted in the interface and can be removed in one click.

Download Link
Process Revealer Free Edition


This looks helpful. I would also recommend wireshark to monitor incoming/outgoing connections to see if someone is RATing your PC.
Doesn't this do just as much as TaskManager though? If you select "Show processes from all users"?
^^ I agree, TaskManager can do this. But, the word hidden, hmmm...
(10-28-2012, 01:11 AM)acp31 Wrote: ^^ I agree, TaskManager can do this. But, the word hidden, hmmm...

You're not going to be able to detect any real hidden processes through a .NET based application, end of story. There's much lower level instructions that are being overridden in order to hide something from being queried in the system information in terms of running processes (both system or user). Overriding NtQueryInformationProcess rendering calls by the real TaskManager, won't do anything less than the namespaces for querying process information within the .NET BCL, so there's no point, because the .NET framework isn't special. It really just is a wrapper for already existing Windows API's...

I could care less about that 'hidden' buzzword he's posted, it's really just a selling point for his .NET application but it doesn't mean much.
It sounds well! Thanks and I want to konw, is it useful to detect keyloggers who claimed it can't be detected... like refog keylogger, anykeylogger..
Thanks for sharing this amazing information.
such a nice information...... for support

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